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Djricardo started his DJ career in San Jose, CA under the name of DJ3rd (the "3rd" is a mystery to all of us; he will not inform anyone what it stood for!) His father bought him his first set of turntables ("Gemini belt drives"- he says laughing) for his 14th birthday, and from there on out, his musical talent would just blossom. In his first year or two he mainly focused on learning the art of the DJ while spinning mainly for friends' house parties, and at his high-school dances.

During high school Ricardo's father decided to make a move to a new neighborhood, where Ricardo met DJ Jay D Christy, while talking to him, Ricardo made it clear that without Jay D he most likely would never have made it to where he stands today. Jay D helped Ricardo with a lot of technique, and pushed him to "stick with it."

Jay D also introduced Ricardo to DJ Bernard Cabigon (former owner/operator of Rhythm-Music, and 12 year resident at one the bay area best known clubs-"The Edge" in Palo Alto, CA "which has now been converted into a snooty jazz-supper club, which will never make it." Ricardo says.) "Bernard blows my mind every time I watch, and hear him spin, he has been the biggest inspiration to my dj career" said Ricardo in NOLA magazines dj feature.

Ricardo's first big break was when he got the chance to spin with Bernard at the Edge, shortly thereafter he landed gigs at various clubs, and smaller raves. At first all gigs were in the San Francisco bay area, little by little he landed more down in southern California, And in different states.

In 1998 Ricardo made a move to Shreveport, LA and took a little break from spinning for about 3 months. He headed back to Cali to visit family and friends and spun a few sets with his long time friend, and partner dj- djMauro, who co-founded 3rdLight Records with Ricardo in 1997. Upon returning to the south, he rocked Louisiana, the surrounding states, Mexico, and Canada big time- Cali style! He there played at several clubs all over the state with huge name djs like Keoki, D: Fuse, and Richard Humpty Vision to name a few.

Immediately upon his return, he begun to DJ at "The Agenda" in San Jose, CA which he ended in June because of personal issues with management. He currently spins for Uptown Spinaholics entertainment, trancelussion click, and of course his own 3rdLight records. He has a new residency lined up which he will not disclose much information about just yet. His words were "its gonna be bigger and better than any club I've ever been to-and I've been in some huge clubs!" For the mean time look for him on your local flyer

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